Man United Vs Atalanta

I'm continuously amazed by how incompetently Manchester United can be run as a club yet still maintain some level of success. This is a club that had put together a young and exciting team that might not have been ready to challenge for a Premier League or Champions League title but was headed in the right direction when it suddenly decided to turn it all over on its head and toss Cristiano Ronaldo into the mix. So now, a fun and exciting team to watch has to change its entire identity to suit one aging superstar, and things went about how you'd expect them to. Ronaldo scored goals, and United weren't as good.

Further complicating matters, United had a manager in Ole Gunnar Solsksaer who was clearly in over his head. It's not that he's a bad manager, but he wasn't ready for the responsibility of running Manchester United and then giving him Ronaldo to manage only made things worse. It was obvious to the world that it wasn't going to work out, but United kept their head in the sand and insisted it would. United kept him even when it was the perfect opportunity to fire him before the international break and give a new manager time to get to know the team. Then, after getting trounced by Watford -- WATFORD! -- in the first match after the break, somehow they saw the light and made the move.

Now it looks like Ralf Rangnick will take over for the placeholder manager Michael Carrick, and I'm sure none of this will impact United's chances of finishing in the top four. I'm not saying it won't work out in the end because money solves a lot of problems in this sport, and there are reasons to be optimistic about Rangnick but there's a difference between spending wisely and just throwing money at a problem blindly. I'm not sure the people who run Manchester United understand that last part. Maybe you'll win enough money on these bets this weekend and use it to save them. All odds are via Caesars Sportsbook.

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